Refurbished Coast Spa For Sale




We have done all the testing so you can purchased a used spa with peace of mind! This spa is in great condition, new filters included added piece of mind we have water tested for any leaks and pre tested water heater and controller, new balboa touch pad replaced. Power supply is 32-amp. Older sound system has Bluetooth etc. What else do we need to relax in this current environment.  comes with new custom lid. This is a high quality item made in Canada with Canadian pumps not Chinese made or parts. appropriate age 5-8 years.

Seating 4 1 x Recliner 5 total
Brand Coastal Cascade Spa
Made in Canada
Price $8500.00 Plus G.s.t
Warranty 3 months parts
Dimensions 2.3 x 2.3 x 1 m
Age approx 5-8 years
Dry weight 670 kg
Capacity approx 2400 lts
Color interior shell white Acrylic
Color exterior Mist Grey Timber
Power source 32 Amp
Hardened ground Barrier Harden Plastic
Features Yes/NO Number Size
Waterfall yes 1 24-inch
Pumps American yes 2 5-hp each super-flow
Light internal yes 8
Lights external yes 2
Bluetooth yes 1
CD player yes 1
Wi-fi yes 1
Oz zone yes 1
Stainless steel jets yes 42
Raised curved back yes 1
Wind protection yes 1
Recessed floor drain yes 1
Steel reinforced acrylic yes 1
Freeze protection yes 1
Titanium heater yes 1
Anti slip floor yes 1
Headrest yes 3 average condition  color black and grey inserts
Multilevel seating yes 2
Beverage holders yes 4
Ergonomic seating yes 3
large foot wells yes 3
Lid yes 1 Replaced new
Water tested yes
Controller tested and cleared yes
Pumps tested Yes