We are Professional Licensed and Insured Hot Tub and Swim Spa Moving Company

Are you buying or selling a Swim Spa or portable Spa? needing a professional to relocate it?
Because Moving a Swim Spa Or Hot Tun is not a Straight Job.
We have invested in the correct tools and training so your Swim Spa or Hot Tub is moved as Safely and professional as possible.

Do you want someone who you can count on to get your Hot Tub moved with the right tools for the job?

You don’t need to take your chances with someone who might damage or ruin your investment.
We only deal in Swim Spa or Hot Tub’s! we dont move furniture! or do this as a second job!
Here at Ezy Spa Movers we can move your Swim Spa, or Outdoor Spa or Jacuzzi in a minimal amount of time at a very affordable cost.
With our many years of professional Swim Spa and Hot Tub Moving experience you can be assure that your hot tub or Swim Spa will arrive safely to your desired location.

Ezy Spa Movers only use Insured and experienced Crane operators with years of expertise.

Once you have made your purchase we arrange from Swim Spa or Hot Tub pick up to crane installation.

No.1 Spa Movers

  • Ezy Spa Movers has Thousands of Spas over the years.
  • We specialize in moving Swim Spas and Hot Tubs and Jacuzzi’s.
  • Require a crane to install your Swim Spa or Hot Tub?

We can help you if Your :

  • Moving and want us to relocate your Swim Spa or Hot Tub.
  • Sold your Swim Spa or Hot Tub and want us to move it.
  • Purchased a NEW or USED Hot Tub and would like us to deliver it.
  • You need us to Dispose of an OLD UNWANTED Swim Spa or Hot Tub.

About to purchase a used Spa why not try our new service a pre-inspection? we can Inspect that used Swim Spa or Hot Tub and provide an oversight of faults or recommendations.